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Welcome to P.S. 62

A Message From Lisa Sarnicola

As a principal for 4 years, an assistant principal for 2, and a teacher of 8 years, I am aware of the importance in engaging each student in hands-on differentiated learning.  It is our goal at P.S. 62 to ensure that students are challenged and supported each day and eager to learn and grow.

At P.S. 62, we will put a staff together of dedicated and enthusiastic educators who share the school’s vision and will be committed to ensuring the success of every child.  The staff will not only deliver quality instruction, but will ensure that they are building “our leaders of tomorrow”.  Here at P.S. 62, we will educate the whole-child and ensure that they have a voice within the school community.

Staying true to our goal of being a Net-Zero School, our students will learn how to be sustainability leaders and make conscientious choices that will benefit our larger community.  They will learn how to conserve and create energy, recycle, grow their own food and manage a green house.

I am looking forward to working with the students, parents, educators and outside organizations in order to provide our students with the best learning experiences.  Together, we will be an extraordinary school, like no other in the city!

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