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As part of our math instruction our school will use the EnVisions Program in all grades. This program is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Standards.  Math instruction is delivered to our students through the “Workshop Model” that offers opportunities for students to have teacher led models, whole group practice, and independent application of the learned skills and strategies.  All lessons that are taught are visual, hands-on and differentiated in order to meet the needs of every child.  Students are given the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively, with partners, and in small groups.  Students are assessed informally on a daily basis.  Students who need further support with the lesson objective receive small group support from the teacher.  Students who master the lesson objective receive enrichment tasks in order to push their thinking. Real-world connections and problem solving opportunities are planned in all lessons in order to enrich the EnVisions Program. Additionally, formal tasks are administered at the end of each unit so that teachers can plan future lessons and create small groups based on needs.

Next Generation Math Standards


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