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Aspects That Will Make Our School Successful

Efficient energy conservationists:  Since we will be the first Net-Zero energy school in the North East, as a school community, we will strive to become leaders in sustainability.  The children will make a positive difference in our society by teaching others how to change from wasteful energy consumers to efficient energy conservationists.   The students will be mindful of the amount of energy they consume on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Each class will track their consumption and compete with other grades/classes within the school to be the top class of energy conservationists.  We will also partner with outside organizations to learn more about becoming leaders in sustainability.


Leadership:  At PS 62, we will empower the students to become leaders in the 21st century by becoming a “Leader In Me” school.  The “Leader In Me” is based on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.   By internalizing the 7 habits, we will increase students’ self-confidence, initiative, communication skills, and ability to work as a team member.  Students will learn how to be active problem solvers and set and achieve goals efficiently.  Within the school community there will be a common language and all stakeholders will become partners in this process, including the parents.  Students will learn how to unleash their own unique talents to better the school community and contribute to the positive school culture within the school.  The students will also be better prepared for college and career, as students will apply for jobs within the school through an application process, take part in service learning projects and engage in rigorous curriculum that infuses the 7 habits.


Parent and Community Engagement:  We will fully engage our parents and community partners in order to foster a collaborative and inclusive community.  We will ensure that parents become active partners in their child’s education in order for each child to perform to their fullest potential.  We will encourage parent voice and ensure that they always feel welcome in the school community.  Parents will have multiple opportunities to visit classrooms, attend professional development, read to the students, take part in trips and service learning projects and sit on various teams within the school.  Additionally, community partnerships with organizations such as, The Parks Department, The Department of Sanitation, Arts organizations and Franklin Covey will also enhance the learning experiences for our students.  The community organizations will be frequently invited into the school as there will be ample room for demonstrations, presentations and hands-on learning projects.

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