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About Us

P.S.62 Mission & Vision

School Mission:

PS 62 is a stimulating learning environment in which our team of dedicated and highly-trained staff, together with the support and partnership of parents and families, provides quality education in a well-resourced building which addresses the individual needs of our students.  Each day, we will seize the opportunity to build creative problem solvers and analytical thinkers.  We are equally committed to developing and nurturing the whole child to ensure that they become compassionate leaders who can make a positive difference in society.  At PS 62, we believe that every child has a unique gift and something special to contribute to their community.

In addition, as we create and sustain strong partnerships, and nurture relationships, with various community organizations, “real world” experiences will further enhance the academic and social development of every student.  The PS 62 community will strive to grow leaders in sustainability.  Together, we will lead change in society from being wasteful energy consumers to efficient energy conservationists.

We believe…We lead…We achieve!

School Vision:

At PS 62, our vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment for every child and to ensure that the individual learning needs of students are met through rigorous common core aligned curriculum.  By fostering the natural curiosity and wonder of children, we will be able to cultivate the joy of learning and the development of creative problem solvers and analytical thinkers.  This will prepare the students for college and career readiness.  We will also develop and nurture the whole child so that they become leaders who make a difference in society.

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